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Ferro-Bet Rustremover removes rust and prepares steel surfaces prior to applying paint. It also changes active rust to passive iron phosphate and prevents further corrosive activity beneath a new layer of paint. Ferro-Bet Rust Remover can be applied by submersion, with a spray or a brush. Loose rust should be brushed away prior to application. When the surface turns a greyish white Ferro-Bet Rustremover has penetrated the rust. This film can then be brushed or washed off (if the surface is dark or slippery Ferro-Bet Rust Remover needs more time to work). If the corrosive attack is severe the process might have to be repeated. The surface should not be worked on further until completely dry.

Many of you are working hard to find a product that can save the integrity of a metallic surface after it has been attacked by rust. Often people will paint directly on the rusty surface or try to sand the surface down. Between these two suboptimal choices it is far preferable to sand away the rust prior to applying paint as there will be far less rust under the paint when a new rust attack occurs. However, if you are looking for a long term solution we recommend Ferro-Bet Rustremover as the solution you should use to remove rust as well as to prevent future attacks. By applying Ferro-Bet Rustremover you will obliterate rust from the deep crevices of the metal and simply make sure it will not recur.

This is how you do the job:

– Brush away rusty grime

– Spray on Ferro-Bet Rustremover (needs to work 35-45 minutes)

– Wash or brush away surface residue

– Treat the surface with a penetrating paint/stain (for instance Ferro-Bet Sealer)

If you have a lot of rusty nails/bolts submerge these in a diluted Ferro-Bet Rust Remover bath for a deep clean.

Ferro-Bet Rustremover will allow you to maintain a rust free world for years to come