Jotamastic does the trick

It´s been a while since our last update now. But gradually, the project is progressing. Yesterday, the efforts of Svein and André had the bus loose the last of it´s weld seams and surface rust on bare metal before the bare metal areas were painted with Jotamastic to avoid more rust.
It is the finishing touches now before we send Samboen to the painters.

At the same time, the gang at Krankenhaus becomes homeless this summer when the lease for our current workshop expires.

Anyone in the Bergen area have a suitable space for rent?
- either in the size as we have today (today we have paid about 11,000 NOK per month for 250m2)
- or we would like a plot where it is possible to set up a warehouse or rubber hall.

By the way, check out how airy and bright it is in a Sambabus. 23 windows and an open ceiling certainly help thet feel.